Marrow: A Love Story by Elizabeth Lesser

marrowAs so often happens with me, a recent interview I saw on Oprah’s SuperSoul Sunday led me to my next soul-journey book.  This wasn’t the first time I had seen Oprah’s interview with Elizabeth Lesser, but it was the first time that the interview led me to buy and read this book.

Oftentimes I am inspired by a spiritual teacher I see with Oprah, I purchase their book, and about a third of the way through I discover another teacher/book, and I am like a squirrel, not sure which delectable nut to chase first.  The end result is that I start a lot of wonderful books, but finish few.

Not so with Marrow.  This book met me right where I live.  When Elizabeth shared with Oprah that her sister Maggie told her the last year of her illness, the year before her death when she was in emotional and physical pain beyond our understanding, was the best year of her life, I knew I had to know more.  What could have led Maggie to feel this way?  What can we learn from Maggie so that we can live the best year of our life every year without having to endure a life-ending illness to get there?

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Let the Universe Rise Up to Meet You

india arie

Oprah’s interview with India Arie is a beautiful lesson in having the confidence to follow your own God-given instincts.  Of the many lessons in this interview well worth watching, one valuable take away that India shares is this:  When you follow your instincts for God’s plan on your life, the Universe will rise up to meet you where you are.

My reading this morning from Marianne Williamson’s book A Return to Love:  Reflections on the Principles of A Course in Miracles, continued this theme for me.  Marianne’s book carries the blessings of a daily devotional.  I relate to her teachings because she is preaching what I believe: God Is Love.  Jesus Is Love.  If we all conducted ourselves from this foundation, I believe the travesties of today’s society would cease.

This morning’s reading resonated with me not because of its impact on a global level but because it hits me where I am today.  A creative with an entrepreneurial spirit and a strong desire to help others, I am as far removed from a “salesperson” as you could be.  My “anti-sales” attitude causes me to stand in my own way in my desire to help others, however.  I am so strongly opposed to “selling” someone that I sometimes prevent myself from doing what I really want to do:  help them.

“When we are motivated by the desire to sell, we are only looking out for ourselves.  When we are motivated by the desire to serve, we are looking out for others.”  Marianne Williamson

The Universe is truly meeting me where I am this morning, leading me to read this chapter at a time when I needed it most.  Mary Ann talks about the concept of refusing to do what you feel called to do because you “can’t make a living doing it.”  In the interview I watched last night between Oprah and India, they talked about the “walking dead,” people who are just existing in the world, not doing what they were sent here to do because they don’t see how they could support themselves doing it, or they lack the confidence to follow their instincts and just do it. They end up just going through the motions of life, not truly living.  Even worse, the failure to do what you were created to do causes depression, irritability, and physical disease.

“Whatever it is you want to do, give it away to your community.”  Marianne Williamson

This is so in keeping with where I am today.  In a conference call with my Wildtree director last week, I told her I just don’t want to be a salesperson.  I cannot approach my business that way.  It is the total antithesis of who I am.  I have to work in service to others, and if God wants me to make a living doing it, that’s great, but that cannot be my reason for doing it.  I am doing it for the shear pleasure of helping others, and I am letting God decide what that will look like.

Thank you, Universe, for rising up to meet me where I am with these messages from my Sisters in Christ.


Wildtree Freezer Meals

Freezer meals are great for busy families – you can spend 90 minutes preparing 10 meals, pop them in the freezer, and pull one out as needed with the prep already done.  Since there are only two of us, I don’t make large batches of freezer meals for Danny and myself very often, but I do love them as an option for helping others.  Recently my Mom had surgery, and I was able to put together several meals that can go in her freezer so that she has them at the ready as she needs them.  My Dad likes to grill, so meals from the Get Your Grill On set from Wildtree was a great choice for them.

Although the freezer meal workshops from Wildtree come with 10 different meal recipes, you don’t have to make them all if some don’t look like something your family would like.  You will use the leftover seasonings for other meals regardless!  There were 7 meals in this set that I thought my parents would like, and they make enough that I was able to split some off to keep for Danny and me!


I can’t tell you what a good feeling it was to fill my parents’ freezer with prepared meals so that they have one less thing to think about for a while.  Giving is such a blessing!  Shalom!

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