We All Bleed Red


When I heard this song on my Itunes playlist on my way to work this morning, I knew I had to learn it as soon as I returned home this afternoon.  It is so timely, with all of the pain we are experiencing today.  I couldn’t wait and do it proper-like, recording it in the studio and letting Danny do his magic on the recording and video – I just had to send the message out now, without a minute to waste, so I settled for an Iphone recording.  There is so much pain and hurt and suffering.  But we cannot heal pain by inflicting more pain.  We cannot heal hurt by inflicting more hurt.  We cannot eradicate evil with evil.  We are all human beings, all children of God who share one Father and one Mother Earth.  None of us can be completely healed until we all are healed.  And that can only be done with love.  God bless you.  #orlandostrong

Thank you Ronnie Dunn for recording this beautiful song.

What a Wonderful World It Would Be …

ep431-own-sss-steven-pressfield-3-320x180I pulled up an old Super Soul Sunday episode last night.  It was Oprah interviewing Steven Pressfield.  A prolific writer, he was exactly who I was needing to hear from as I work at getting myself in my studio to write on a more regular basis.

Steven talked about what keeps us from doing whatever it is we are meant to do – whether you are a writer, an artist, or an entrepreneur, it doesn’t matter.  When there is something that you know that you know you were put on this earth to do, why don’t you do it? Why are there so many miserable people out there, working in jobs that they know they don’t belong in?  Steven calls it Resistance.  I call it the enemy.  The closer we get to being in the zone of where God put us here to be, the harder the enemy works to keep us from it. Continue reading “What a Wonderful World It Would Be …”

February 20: “The Authentic Dig”

photo (18)“Sometimes a person has to go back, really back – to have a sense, an understanding of all that’s gone to make them – before they can go forward.”  Paule Marshall

If I think back to when I was young, to when I was a teenager who allowed herself time to just be, it is easy to see the common threads between the girl I was then and the woman I am now.

“The events in our lives happen in a sequence in time, but in their significance to ourselves they find their own order.”  Eudora Welty

Though I have 52 years’ worth of memories, the ones that come to the forefront if I stop to think back are the passions that I had as a teen and still have today.  I can still see and feel the thick, light green, spiral bound notebook that I used to do my writing, the poetry and short stories coming to life on those lined pages.  I can see its tattered cover and smell the pages of that book that I held so close to my heart, carrying it with me so that it was always available when I was inspired and had the opportunity to write.  I regret to say that I no longer have it and have no idea what became of it.  But what I do have is its memory, still dear to my heart, a reminder that writing is indeed an integral part of who I am and what I was put on this earth to do.

“What you are searching for is a pattern of personal, authentic pleasures and preferences.”  Sarah Ban Breathnach

Close behind the memory of that notebook is a memory of the hours I spent at the piano, so many hours in fact that my poor family would ask me to please stop practicing, as the piano shared the living room with our television.  I practiced with joy, never growing weary of it as I worked to perfect the song I was learning.  My passion for it has waned somewhat in adulthood though, with the life and responsibilities of a wife and mother getting in the way.  After having lost so many years of playing, it is difficult to get the skill level back that once was there.  I still enjoy it though, especially since Danny bought me a beautiful baby grand a few years ago.

It’s funny how things start flooding back as you go through this process, memories that you had entirely forgotten.  I used to buy graph paper and draw layouts for houses, my passion for architecture starting at a young age as well.  I had forgotten about those drawings until just now, and it makes me smile to know that I have come full circle to those things that came naturally to me when I was young.  Here I am at 52, working in the real estate business to work with architecture that I have a passion for, and writing more than I have since I was a very young woman.

The transformation has truly begun my friends, and it feels good.  I hope that yours has begun as well.  I would love to hear about it!