We All Bleed Red


When I heard this song on my Itunes playlist on my way to work this morning, I knew I had to learn it as soon as I returned home this afternoon.  It is so timely, with all of the pain we are experiencing today.  I couldn’t wait and do it proper-like, recording it in the studio and letting Danny do his magic on the recording and video – I just had to send the message out now, without a minute to waste, so I settled for an Iphone recording.  There is so much pain and hurt and suffering.  But we cannot heal pain by inflicting more pain.  We cannot heal hurt by inflicting more hurt.  We cannot eradicate evil with evil.  We are all human beings, all children of God who share one Father and one Mother Earth.  None of us can be completely healed until we all are healed.  And that can only be done with love.  God bless you.  #orlandostrong

Thank you Ronnie Dunn for recording this beautiful song.

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