February 27: “Committing to Your Spiritual Awakening”

Suzette1“If you commit to your spiritual awakening as the most important part of the process, something marvelous will happen.”  Sarah Ban Breathnach

The impact that I see from this spiritual awakening is subtle and substantial at the same time.  I notice it most often at times when I would normally have found myself frazzled or tense, like when I need to be someplace and the dog is taking forever in the yard, or I am in traffic and want to hurry up and get where I am going.  I don’t have the same frenetic response that I would have had six months ago.  I am (mostly) no longer scolding Abby to hurry up; rather, I am enjoying the fresh air and listening to the birds sing to me while she finds the “perfect spot.”  I am peaceful in my driving, no longer rushing the person in front of me with frustrated words mumbled under my breath.  I am, simply, more relaxed.

“With each day of the journey, you have become more open to the mystery, the magic, and the majesty of the Master Plan because you are committed to your spiritual awakening.”  SBB

I am no less busy, nor am I working any less hard.  I am just less stressed about it.  I am relaxed, feeling the presence of Spirit, and paying attention when I get the message to take some time to feed my soul.  Tonight, for example, after enjoying dinner with friends, I took one of my guitars off the wall and played for two hours – the first time I have played in months.  There was work to be done, but I chose to listen to the whispers telling me that the work can be done tomorrow; for now, it is time to create.  I find that creation, artistic expression, is a beautiful form of prayer, and I am grateful to have awakened my soul enough to heed the message that this certain prayer time is long overdue.  I am transported to heaven, bowing my head over my guitar, smelling its varnished wood and listening to its melody while I sing with the voice that God gave me.  It doesn’t get much better than that.


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