February 6: Remaking Your Own World

baby-jesus-0102“I have made my world and it is a much better world than I ever saw outside.”  Louise Nevelson

Sarah tells us that we need to restore a sense of rhythm to our lives.  I am working hard to do just that, but I’m afraid I am not there yet.  I am a work in progress, especially with my new real estate career.  I am working long hours to take excellent care of my clients and make this new career a success.  At the same time, my creative pursuits – writing, art, and music – are so important to me, and I need to make time for those things, as well as time with my loved ones.  I haven’t seen my grandsons in over a week, and my studio is sitting with clay pendants waiting for their necklaces to be made.  My piano and guitars … don’t even want to go there.

“Restoring rhythm to the way you conduct your affairs can bring you contentment and a sense of well-being that will nurture and sustain you when the cares of the world can’t be left behind.”

I had this conversation with my friend Eunice today.  She was talking about how taking an hour or two with a girlfriend can restore her spirit, so that when she returns home, she feels rejuvenated, like a new person.  I had that same experience recently.  With all I have on my plate, it has been a long time since I’ve taken time to be with girlfriends.  But recently I realized it was the birthday of a friend who lives alone with no family nearby, and I took the evening off from working to take her to dinner.  I did it for her, but I think I benefitted more than she did!  It was a must needed respite from all of the work I have been doing, and the evening left me feeling thoroughly recharged.  I didn’t realize how much I had been missing girl time!

We all need to determine what is important to us, and what we need to “say no” to, but for those of us who have so many interests, restoring rhythm can be especially challenging.  Do you have a secret for organizing your life in such a way that you can “do it all?”  If you do, I hope you’ll share it with us!