February 9: A Fresh Canvas Every Twenty-Four Hours

94857135873008921_cZoVDmYi_c“Today, don’t rush through your inner preparations as you get ready to set down a piece of your soul on life’s canvas.”  Sarah Ban Breathnach

Sarah talks about all of the preparatory steps necessary to live our lives authentically.  Quieting our minds in meditation, using the discovery journal, and becoming aware of our true preferences are some examples she gives.  The other day I spoke about how I was able to calm myself from becoming stressed when rushing in fear of being late.  Recently while sitting in meditation, I realized that I was wound up so tight I would spin like a top if you let me loose.  My shoulders were hunched up around my chin, arms tight and hands in fists.  What was that?  By taking this time, I realized there were some things going on that I needed to pay attention to.

“…our preparation won’t have been in vain.”  SBB

I realized after that day’s meditation that I am allowing the world around me to infiltrate my peaceful existence.  This led to the realization that I need to figure out how to be in the world without the world being in me.  Everyone is in a hurry.  Everyone is stressed.  They are not with me on this transformation journey.  It takes a constant awareness and being present in each and every moment to keep their negative force from penetrating my soulful state.  With some people, their presence is so intense it requires a lot of effort on my part to keep that undesirable aura at bay, but I have learned that it can be done!  Not only that, but often my peaceful state can penetrate and effect change in their stressed out being.  How wonderful is that?  As I continue on this journey to discover my authentic self, I have learned that this is another reason for my being, to bring peace to others and make them smile.  I am working on making that happen, one beautiful spirit at a time.