January 12: “There is No Scarcity”

073010_AbundantSeason_0b“The simpler we make our lives, the more abundant they become.”  Sarah Ban Breathnach

Sarah’s words ring so true, don’t they?  Sarah is not making light of the burden of financial difficulties, acknowledging the “menacing shadow” of worries about money.  I think her point is that if we make our lives simpler, with less need for “things” and appreciating the abundance of just having a joyful existence, then the ebb and flow of money in our lives will not have such a strong impact that it steals our daily joy for living.

Financial difficulties can be a hardship, but the point is, how do we keep something that we have no control over from controlling our lives?  Finding true contentment in the spiritual side of our existence – the presence of a loved one, the love of a pet, prayer and meditation, helping others, enjoying nature, art, etc. – will help you to have more joy in your days and better sleep at night.

“Money ebbs and flows in our lives.  What should remain constant is our realization that abundance is our spiritual birthright.”  SBB

I pray that the difficulties that can come during times of financial trial will lose their ability to have a significant impact on your joyful journey as you continue to read Sarah’s book and share this blog with your sisters and brothers.  Please use the comment button at the left to let us know how you are doing!