January 16: “A Sense of Order: Cultivating Contentment”

getcleanadforrealtors“Order is the shape upon which beauty depends.”  Pearl Buck

What kind of order is there in your home?  What was I saying yesterday about depression and not caring about the “shoulds” that surround you when you are feeling low?  Have you ever noticed that everything around you seems to be in a shambles when you are out of sync?  It is a good signal to pay attention to your inner spirit and determine what your soul is trying to tell you.

“Invite Divine Order into your life today and a more serene tomorrow will unfold”  Sarah Ban Breathnach

An item on my list for 2014 is to go through my entire home to put everything in strict order.  As a creative, I tend to be a little lax in this area at times, and just as being out of sync can create disarray in our environment, I think that having disarray in our environment can also cause us to be out of sync.

 “We can tap into [a] powerful source of creative energy when we are willing to gradually cultivate a sense of order as to how we conduct our daily affairs.”  SBB

This is so true, isn’t it?  But how do you find order when you are internally out of sync?  For me, I know when I am out of sync I need to take some quiet time to read, reflect, meditate.  Reading restores my spirit and the quiet time helps me to hear what message my soul is trying to send me.  Stopping to give gratitude helps too.  Appreciating the simple things.  Lighting candles.  Feeling the Holy Spirit in everything I do.  Being present.

What rituals do you have to recapture your sanity when life becomes full of disarray?  Share your ideas with us!