January 2: “Loving the Questions”


Sarah tells us “… a year from today you could be living the most creative, joyous, and fulfilling life you could imagine.”  If you could imagine this, what would it look like?

Several months ago, I would not have been able to answer that question.  I was lost, in desperate need of a roadmap and having no idea where to find one.  As a brief explanation, a lot of things have changed for me in the last few years.  I married the love of my life. I retired from my job as chief operating officer of a law firm.  My youngest son moved away.  I had challenging health issues, including a hysterectomy, throwing my body into instant menopause.

Some of these changes were positive, some were negative, but it was a lot of changes in a short period of time.  I lost my identity.  I was no longer a mother raising her children.  I was no longer a law firm executive.  The things I had identified myself with no longer existed.  I was lost, and I felt so foolish for being unhappy with such a blessed life, I couldn’t talk to anyone about how I was feeling.

Unable to share my discouraged spirit with anyone and allowing my fears to keep me from asking the necessary questions, I poured myself into self-help books, and kept coming up with the same answer – meditation.  It was difficult at first, not accustomed to sitting still with “so much to do,” but I kept at it.  I cannot tell you what meditation has done for my spirit and my life.  By taking the time to “tune in” and listen to my heart and God’s whispers, I am finding my purpose again.  My creative energies are back.  My art studio is no longer gathering dust.  I am writing again.  I have fulfilled my lifelong dream of becoming a realtor.  And best of all, I think I am a better wife and more fun to be around.

How do you listen to your heart?  Do you have a routine that you follow to make sure that you are listening to your heart and to Divine Guidance?

I have to be honest, my meditation time is not what it should be.  I quickly become distracted by something that comes to me during meditation, and I am no longer able to sit in stillness, because I simply must go and do whatever it is that has come to me.  Nonetheless, the resulting ten minutes of meditation time makes a world of difference in my day.

Proponents of meditation declare that if you devote 30 minutes a day to meditation, you will find that you have more time, not less, because you are more focused and purposeful throughout the rest of your day.  I have to agree, as I can see what a difference ten minutes makes for me.  It sets me on the right course for the day, and everything just seems clearer.

Will you give it a try?  Will you find your place of contentment and give yourself time each day for contemplation so that you may start realizing your dreams?  Please share your experience with us so that you may inspire others.  If you are having trouble, let us know so that we can help.  If you want to ask a question anonymously, email me directly and I will post the question on your behalf.

Thanks for sharing!  Shalom!