January 21: “Letting Go of Limiting Illusions”

faithCAM853EW“Today, be willing to believe that a companion spirit is leading you every step of the way, and knows the next step.”  Sarah Ban Breathnach

I guess Sarah and I are on the same page after all!  Yesterday, I spoke about adding faith to Sarah’s equation, and today she is doing exactly that.

If you are one of the skeptics, I say to you this:  what have you got to lose?  If life isn’t treating you right, or if externally everything seems just grand, but for some reason you can’t put your finger on, you just aren’t happy, what is the harm in exploring the possibility that there is a Universal Spirit?  If you follow yesterday’s suggestions for finding happiness and success, it will certainly cause no harm to you or anyone else.  Why not try investing love, creative energy, perseverance and passion in yourself while living joyfully in the present, and praying with belief that your life will be enhanced exponentially?  What, my friend, do you have to lose? Give it a try, won’t you?


P.S.  If you are new to these posts, Transforming 2014 is an online book club of sorts.  We are reading Sarah Ban Breathnach’s book, Simple Abundance:  A Daybook of Comfort and Joy, together so that 2014 can be a transformative year for all of us.  Use the comment section to inspire fellow readers or share your difficulties so that we can support you.  You can find Sarah’s book on Amazon, and it is available in the Kindle version as well!