January 23: “Accepting Real Life”

Good vibrations“It’s as if the steam of struggle has been allowed to escape from life’s pressure cooker.”  Sarah Ban Breathnach

Have you ever noticed that things don’t seem as bad once you let go and stop fighting against the situation?  Here is the thing I have learned about the Universe:  whatever you send out, comes back to you.  If you send out fret and worry, the Universe will send you more to fret and worry about.

“Accepting and blessing our circumstances is a powerful tool for transformation.  In fact, this potent combination is a spiritual elixir that can work miracles in our lives.”  SBB

Want to be happy and have good things happen in your life?  Be happy and expect good things to happen in your life!  When you send those vibrations out into the Universe, you’ll be surprised what comes back to you.  An example of how I have experienced this first-hand is my beautiful husband.  I was divorced and on my own for many years.  I did the online dating thing and kissed a lot of frogs.  Finally, I accepted my situation and stopped looking.  I not only came to the conclusion that when God wanted me to meet someone, He would make sure it happened, but I also became very excited in knowing deep in my heart that God had someone amazing planned for me.  It wasn’t long before I met Danny, and I have to tell you, he is the most exceptional man I have ever met, and about as perfect a husband as there ever was.  All I did was accept and believe!