January 30: The Golden Mirror

“Almost always it is the fear of being ourselves that brings us to the mirror.” Antonio Porchia

I have to be honest, I don’t have much to say about Sarah’s “golden mirror.” The mirror idea doesn’t really work for me. I do agree with part of Antonio Porchia’s quote though, that we have a fear of being ourselves.

I like Sarah’s concept, but for me, sitting in meditation and listening to the whispers of my heart and hearing God’s message for me is where I can find myself. When I listen for God’s voice, I do feel the light of Love surrounding me. I feel the weight of the world lift from my shoulders like a butterfly, and I am secure in the knowledge that I was created to be exactly who I am and that God’s plan for me is better than anything I could ever imagine.

I feel great excitement, this knowing that there is something wonderful planned for me. It takes away the pressure of trying to figure it out for myself when I know that He already has it taken care of. And I find an inner confidence that I don’t always feel, when I take that time to sit quietly and remember that He created me to be just the way He wanted me to be.

I read a quote on a church billboard yesterday. It said, “Do you have enemies? Good – that means you’ve actually taken a stand on something in your life.” I love that. It is a good reminder as I work at being my authentic self and stop trying so hard to please everyone.