January 5: “The Woman You Were Meant To Be”


“Many women today feel a sadness we cannot name.  Though we accomplish much of what we set out to do, we sense that something is missing in our lives and – fruitlessly – search ‘out there’ for the answers.  What’s often wrong is that we are disconnected from an authentic sense of self.”  Emily Hancock

Are you living life as your authentic self?  Or do you, like Sarah describes, look in the mirror without recognizing the face staring back at you?

“Perhaps the heart of our melancholy is that we miss the woman we were meant to be.”

This was me several months ago.  Going through the motions, knowing that I was created to do certain things and knowing I wasn’t doing them.  Staying busy and not settling down to ask the questions and make the changes that would lead me to living my authentic life.  This, I know, is what caused depression, this not living my authentic life, this not being me.

“Listen to the whispers of your heart.  Look within.”

Have you tried meditation yet?  If you haven’t, I hope you will.  Once you commit to gifting yourself with this time of self-exploration, you will find that “the journey you were destined to take has [indeed] begun.”  Click on the comments button to the left to share with us how this has impacted your life, and you can motivate your sisters to finally embark on their soul’s purpose!  It is not too late to start living life as your authentic self – make 2014 the year that it happens.  You deserve it!