February 2: Knowing What You Love

kitchen2“Perhaps loving something is the only starting place there is for making your life your own.”  Alice Koller

I like Sarah’s suggestions for window shopping to discover our style.  When it comes to personal style in the home, I don’t need to window shop to figure out my style there.  I know who I am and what I like.  The picture posted here comes from my kitchen, and it shows a lot of who I am in this one shot – I love color.  I love the color and warmth that comes from pottery, candles, fruit in a bowl.  I am a musician (as is my husband) and have pieces throughout the house that can attest to that fact, like in this print on the wall.

When it comes to clothing, I am not as clear as I used to be.  Interestingly, I read a blog recently here http://wordpress.com/read/post/id/61426429/27/ that talks about looking in your closet and finding your “go to” items to discover your style.  My problem – there is nothing in my closet that really feels like me.  Everything I buy, I buy to please someone else – business clothes for the law firm where I used to work; dresses because Mary Kay says consultants are supposed to wear dresses; “gig” clothes for how I thought I should dress to impress when I was playing out … you get the idea.  The one thing in my closet that really feels like me?  A pair of faded holey jeans.  I don’t think I can wear them to sell real estate though – I do have to be professional, even if I am being my authentic self!

I haven’t shopped in a long time because I’ve been “on the wagon.”  I am excited to take Sarah’s suggestion to go window shopping and find my style, so that when I am able to shop I’ll know what to buy that suits the authentic me instead of who I think everyone expects me to be.  Will you join me?


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