February 3: “Discovering Your Authentic Self”

signs20313“To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance.”  Oscar Wilde

Sarah talks about the calm, reassuring confidence we can experience when we allow ourselves to be our authentic selves.  As we are discovering, it is possible to become our authentic selves, but it takes time and effort.  It takes being present.  Present in the little things, and present in the big things.  Meditation.  Appreciating nature.  Taking the dog for a walk.   Dealing with loss and disappointment.

While walking my dog today, something came to me without any effort on my part.  I was just walking, enjoying the beautiful day.  But the difference was, instead of trying to hurry up and get the walk over with so that I could get back to work, I was present, enjoying the experience.  With that being present, I was hearing the whispers of my inner voice.

As I am becoming more in touch with my authentic self, I am trying to be healthier too.  Cutting foods out of my diet that do not do anything positive for my body, like processed foods, wheat and dairy.  I’ve started juicing.  As I follow this Simple Abundance path, I have more respect for who I am, and with that respect comes a desire to take better care of myself.  Not eating processed foods, or foods with preservatives in them, means taking more time for food preparation, but that allows me time to enjoy being in my beautiful kitchen, enjoying the process of the preparation.  Being present.

“Watch.  Wait.  Time will unfold and fulfill its purpose.  While we wait, we must not go unconscious.  We must think and grow.  Rejoice and dream, but kneel and pray.  There is holiness in the air today; we are giving birth to goddesses.”  Marianne Williamson