January 26: “Simple Abundance: The Basic Tools”

Always be true to yourself“Give yourself the gift of one hour a day to journey within.”  Sarah Ban Breathnach

This sounds like a luxury that would be hard to achieve to me, and I am sure it does to most of you as well.  I absolutely agree with Sarah though.

“You need enough breathing space to allow your heart to ponder what is precious.” SBB

I started small, getting up 15-30 minutes early to have time for prayer and meditation before jumping head-first into my day.  I can tell you unequivocally that it makes a tremendous difference in how my day goes and what I am able to accomplish.  This quiet time helps me to set the stage for the day, and I find myself being much more present in each moment when I start my day this way.

“If you go deep enough, often enough, something good is bound to come back to you.”  SBB

Will you give it a try?  Let us know how it goes!