January 27: “The Daily Dialogue”

Journal“What I was doing was not so much recording the events in my life as much as eliminating the mental minutiae that was depleting me of my creative energy and driving me crazy.”  Sarah Ban Breathnach

As much as I love to write, I have never been good about keeping a journal.  I’ve started one – I can’t tell you how many times – but I never stick with it long enough for it to become a habit.

“I call this ritual the daily dialogue because you are really conversing with someone much wiser and saner as you write:  your authentic self.” SBB

Maybe part of my problem has been that I buy these beautiful journals and want my writing to be this fabulous prose.  I’m going to try Sarah’s suggestion, and use a simple spiral notebook to just empty my brain of my thoughts, and see what results I get by reaching Sarah’s 21-day goal.  Will you join me?