Saving $$$ – Menu Planning with the Publix Ad

I am trying to do better with using the weekly sales at Publix to do my menu planning.  I have decided that I will probably do better at it if I look at it as a way to help others, so here is my menu plan based on this week’s ad, which includes the following sale items:

memphis grilled salmon photoProteins:

  • Large Shrimp
  • Angus Sirloin
  • Greenwise Chicken Breast
  • Greenwise Chicken Sausage
  • Sockeye Salmon

Other Items I’ll use this week from the Publix ad:

  • Barilla Pasta (BOGO)
  • DelMonte Gold Fresh Pineapple
  • Mango
  • Organic Strawberries

A couple of notes:

I am going to use the chicken sausage in the jambalaya recipe instead of andouille sausage.  With regard to salmon, no matter how much I have researched / read, farm raised salmon is not a healthy choice, no matter what way you cut the cake, so to speak.  Therefore, I am sticking with wild salmon from now on.  Note that pineapple and mango are considered a safer choice than other options, like strawberries, which is why I am purchasing the pineapple and mango that are grown using conventional methods.  (I realize there are still environmental concerns, but you do what you can.)

I am purchasing enough of these sale items to get two meals from each:  prep once, eat twice is my motto!  The recipes:

I hope this helps your plan for the coming week.  Be well – shalom!


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